ecotool system

ecotool system is based on three aspects:



Context - Passive Energy Performance

Preserving and adequate handling as well as usage of existing resources.


Usage - Active Energy Performance

Reduction and optimization of required building energy.


Building - Static Building Performance

smart concepts and appropriate constructions,
“form follows climate and function”

The three main aspects of ecotool are divided into several sub points with individual approaches.


  • Wind fostering and use of cross ventilation and buoyancy ventilation
  • Sun reducing the heat gain
  • Water minimize water use and groundwater preservation, and improve of water quality
  • Landscape greened, natural surroundings
  • Energy Generating use of renewables energy
  • Cooling/ Dehumidification / Ventilation energy efficient systems and healthy living climate
  • Light natural light and optimized use of artificial light
  • Monitoring & Regulation monitor and control energy consumption
  • Overall Design efficient concept and disposition
  • Structure sustainable, adequate to climate and functions
  • Envelope separation between interior and exterior climate
  • Construction/ Materials quality & sustainable materials