Jakarta Shophouse, Q2 2015 danish loft design
refurbishment of a two stories shophouse in Jakarta. New layout and roof extension.
client: privat
design: regroup
location: Jakarta Setiabudi
Semi gross area : 150m2
Total land area: 60m2
Feasibility study: Q2 2015

Danish Loft Design, Q1 2015 danish loft design
refurbishment of a two stories detached house in Bangkok. Minimal intervention and a new facade increased the usability and sustainability.

client: Danish Loft Design
design: regroup
location: Phrom Pong, Bangkok
Semi gross area : 300m2
Total land area: 550m2
construction: Q1 2015

Ari Mansion, Q4 2013 project-ari
Feasibility study of en abodoned apartment block in Bangkok. The study analyzed the possibilities of a new construction or a renovation of the existing building

client: anonymous design: urbanalyse
location: Ari, Bangkok
Semi gross area : 1’430m2
Total land area: 1’150m2
total units: 18
feasibility study: Q4 2013

tropical town Marunda, Q3 2013 project-marunda
government housing project, subsidized apartments

client: Future Cities Laboratory (FCL), Singapore-ETH Centre
design: urbanalyse
location: Jakarta Marunda
Total land area: 13’000 m2
Semi gross area : 16’600m2
total units: 409
project design phase 2013

ecoloft Jababeka Golf, Q1 2013 project-jababeka
A new architectural typology in south east asia which combines an urban lifestyle with a suburban way of life and sustainability. A mix between loft, townhouse, and duplex condo.

client: green property development indonesia
design: urbanalyse
location: Jababeka, Cikarang, Jakarta
Semi gross area : 2’450m2
Total land area: 2’000m2
total units: 19
construction: Q3 2013 – Q1 2015